Start with a Trademark Search, without the Trademark Search, you run a risk that can be costly.
The Trademark Search will provide valuable information that will reduce expensive objections that may occur in the Registration process.
Federal Trademark Registration is the highest level of protection available in the United States and Canada.
Once registered, A Federal Trademark owner may initiate infringement proceeding with any entity using their Trademark without permission.
Follow your trademark or the trademarks of great brands such as Facebook, iPad, Microsoft etc.
FREE Trial. Follow a company or trademark to receive alerts on - new filings, updates, time to renew, availability. Watch friends and foes.
Without Trademark renewals, your TMs will be abandoned, and you will lose your Trademark rights.
To prevent the cancellation of a registered trademark, owners are required to periodically renew their TMs with Trademark & Patent Offices.

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A Trademark Name Search reduces costs by providing the availability of a trademark name. Regardless of whether a name is already in use, conflicts are probable. Be prepared, conduct a Trademark Name Search and Protect your asset. Without a Trademark Name Search you are at risk!

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